Is Ozone layer really healing and if yes, what is the reason?
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Is Ozone layer really healing and if yes, what is the reason?

Is Ozone layer really healing and if yes, what is the reason?

Social media is a very powerful tool of the current generation where they can convey a message for a good cause but sometimes, they are used to spread rumours People believe social media platforms very easily without paying heeds to facts.

Amid the current lockdown scenario across the globe, scientific experts revealed that the ozone layer has started to get better and people have started to believe it. Let us try to recover facts for everyone. Ozone layer is healing and might recover completely but lockdown is not the reason. The earth protective layer known as ozone layer is showing signs of restoration while it may seem that the recent lockdown across the globe may have be the reason, however it is steps implemented in the Montreal protocol (1987) that is helping in the restoration.

How the ozone layer makes life possible on earth? Ozone layer protects the earth from harmful ultraviolet radiation of the sun which could have destroyed everything if it wasn’t for the ozone layer on our stratosphere. The ozone layer began to deplete due to concentration of chlorine and bromine being used in recent decades because of the release.

Large quantities of manmade compounds mainly chlorofluoro (CFC’s) and bromofluoro carbons These compounds are highly unstable and can rise towards the stratosphere. They then initiate and catalyze a chain reaction capable of breaking down over 1,00,000 ozone molecules. This was a manmade disaster which needed to be corrected which is why the Montreal protocol was implemented.

Why Montreal Protocol is needed? Montreal Protocol was a treaty that was signed between 197 countries in order to minimize the use of ozone depleting substance (ODS). It was reported that the environment had recorded less number of ODS since the year 2000 due to the combined effect of all the countries cutting down on their use of ODS. A recent research paper from the university of Colorado boulder which was published in the journal nature stated the observation of climate changes in the southern hemisphere specifically the air circulation indicated that the ozone layer is healing.

Scientists do say that the ozone layer is now expected to recover at different speeds in different of the atmosphere and if the world adheres to the Montreal protocol, recovery is possible by 2060 Though lockdown is surely contributing bit in the restoration of ozone layer is the result of the Montreal protocol that took place in 1987. NASA has released the latest status ( Data,images,videos etc) of the ozone layer over the Antarctic,