You shouldn’t waste money on

You shouldn’t waste money on

You shouldn’t waste money on

1)Cable Tv

These days HD Plans, Providers cinema channels and what not are there for you regardless you need them or not.  Sellers work on a simple business idea, nothing is important or needed until and unless seller create a need for the product, And once need created product goes on sale automatically. But you have to focus on what you actually need and don’t rush behind everything what is showed up to you.  

2)Bank Fees

Banks always love to give you a surprise package of fees and good rates of interest, but that doesn’t mean you have to pay them. You can always use you calculator and mind to analyse things according to you and understand what is needed and what is not.

3)Extended Warranties

While going for extended warranties on the stuffs you use less, think twice thrice and go up with a proper decision.

4)The Roof over Your Head

Spending lots of money in interior of your house and buying all those thing you saw at some one’s place and you want them too, regardless you need it or not, that too whatever it may cost.This is one of the best way to spend your savings.

5)Use less Smartphone Data Plans

Buy a data plans according to your usage. You can’t even calculate how much amount of data is been left unused and how much you have used and paid for what.

6)Online Shipping

This day’s almost all shopping sites offer a doorstep benefits with zero costing than why to waste money on shipping.

7) Cheap Art

Purchasing an art of big name personality can be a big waste of money if you are looking for savings; you can look up for a new comer who is a good artist but a new comer. You can opt in his or her painting and enjoy it when they make it big.

8) Fast Food

Having fast food regularly is anyways a bad habit and can create health problem and waste your money in two ways, on food purchase and health illness curing.

9)Piecemeal insurance

A good term life insurance and disability insurance is enough you don’t need to get all the insurance packages which you feel is important as per as someone said it.  

10)Lousy Gifts

While gifting someone the biggest question arises is what to gift? And this is a good question on which you should always think twice before buying any such gift would be a waste of money or would be a useless stuff for the person.

11)Weight Loss traps

This is one of the biggest traps where many of us go trapped in. Shaping up our body

12)Lottery Tickets

Buying lottery tickets won’t big anyways a good option when you are planning to save money.

13)Brand new cars

Sometime keeping a head bit lower has a big effect on saving money and make of them at proper investment or need. A good saving can be done by using some used cars other than buying new car.


We spend a lot in subscribing for Gym, Magazines and newspaper, think again and understand who has time to spend a lot on these things in this busy working schedule.

15)A morning latte

Getting a nice tea or coffee maker instead of rushing towards it by spending money, Would gradually make a good saving.